Shunzao Z1 Z1 Pro Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini Portable Dust Catcher From Xiaomi Youpin

Shunzao Z1 Z1 Pro Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini Portable Dust Catcher From Xiaomi Youpin

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Description for Shunzao Z1 Z1 Pro Wireless

Main Features

NOTE:It is Xiaomi ecological chain products ,there is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it,Thanks for your understanding!.
SHUNZAO Z1/Z1-Pro Vacuum Cleaner Main Features.
* White Z1: Brushed motor version, 7000PA suction
* Black Z1 Pro: Brushless Motor Edition 15500PA suction
* Uses TOYO / FUJI carbon brushes and SCHUNK carbon brushes.
* Built-in 3 high-efficiency lithium batteries, fficient power, Vacuuming anytime.
* Innovative air guide system, professional air guide, professional heat dissipation.
* Double-layer filtration system, professional filtration to prevent secondary pollution.
* Professional nozzle design, do not miss every corner
* Recessed LED lighting, Suck clean
* Easy disassembly, components can be cleaned.
1. Green light flash : start charge
Green light always on: full charge
2. Red light start flash: insufficient charge, please charge in time
3. Equipment can not work when charging, please unplug the power cord and start work.
Brand: Shunzao
Color: White
Package size: 10.3*10.6*38.6cm/4.05*4.17*15.19in
Package weight: 1200g/42.32oz
Capacity: 100mL
Input power: 120W/40W(Black) 90W(White)
Maximum Vacuum: 7000Pa

Package list:
1 * Shunzao Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
1 * Telescopic Two-in-one Nozzle
1 * Brush Head Nozzle
1 * Charging Cable (1m)
1 * Manual.
Common problem
-This product has several suction gears, how long does it work when fully charged?
This product is divided into two versions of Shun-made vacuum cleaners Z1 and Z1Pro.
1.The Z1 product has a full-speed gear, the maximum suction power can reach about 7,000Pa at full power, and the full-speed running time after full power is 12 minutes;
2.The Z1Pro product has two gears, the maximum suction power at full charge can reach about 12,000Pa, the full-speed full-speed operation time at high-end positions is 10 minutes, and the minimum suction power at full-charge is about 5,000Pa. ..
-How long does it take for the product to be fully charged without electricity?
In the case of using the original charger, it is expected that it will take 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery quickly..
-How to display the charging status?
1. When the green light flashes, it means the product has started charging. When the green light is on, it means the battery is fully charged;
2.When the red light is on and starts to flash slowly, it means that the power is insufficient, please charge in time;
3. The device cannot start up during charging. Please unplug the power cord before starting up..
-How to clean and maintain the dust cup and HEPA filter assembly
1. Rotate and remove the dust cup from the fuselage
2. Take the HEPA filter assembly from the dust cup and dump the garbage;
3. Use brushes, paper towels or wet wipes to clean the dust cup. If necessary, clean the dust cup with water, dry it after washing;
4. HEPA filter components can be washed with water, do not soak for a long time. It is recommended to replace the HEPA filter components regularly to achieve better cleaning results..
-Why can't the product start working?
1. The battery may be insufficient, please charge in time
2. The product power switch may not be pressed, please press the power switch; the product may be charging, please unplug the power cord and start the product..

-Why can't the product collect dust normally?
1. The dust cup may not be installed correctly, please check whether the dust cup is rotated in place according to the prompt
2.The nozzle of the product may be blocked, please check and clean the nozzle.
3.The HEPA filter module may be blocked, please clean the HEPA filter module.

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