ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Camera Map Navigation Hand Draw Virtual Blocker

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Camera Map Navigation Hand Draw Virtual Blocker

Price: $479 244.29$

Presale Price150 Days 11:11:2

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Description for ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Main Features

1.High Efficiency cleaning, Camera real-time location by hundreds of different objects
2.Support remote upgrade of firmware and software, keep your robot vacuum in best position. Lifetime upgrade free of charge
3.Map upload& storage on APP, when your next time use, it will show history map of your room
4.Hand drawing virtual blocker on APP, get rid of virtual blocker or magnetic stripe
5. Drawing Specified cleaning area as you want
6.Breakpoint continue cleaning
If battery gets low before finishing a cleaning task, x6 robot will go back to charging base to full recharge then automatically returns to where it left over and complete the rest cleaning job.
7.Remember where the charge base, go back to charge base in shortest way.
8.Three level adjustable suction power: mute, normal, max
9.Intelligent water tank
Electric controlled water tank allows water to flow only during movement, electric pump controlled, more accuracy. Three level adjustable water tank level: slow, normal , quick.
9. Stable infiltration, mop and dry, no water stains, no moving, no infiltration.
10.Automatic detection of soft&hard ground system to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage

1. We have warehouse in Russia, Spain, Ukraine. If choose from Russia, Spain, Ukraine Warehouse, it is Free Tax.
2,You need to fill out contact name at least two words. Full Name is needed.
3,You need to fill out correct zip code and the name of city before you place an order. Zip code should match with the name of city.
4,For any case,please feel free to come to us,we are always here.

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