HUAWEI Band 4 Pro Oximeter Motion Bracelet Touch Color Screen Smart Wristband

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro Oximeter Motion Bracelet Touch Color Screen Smart Wristband

Brand: huawei

Price: $111.59 72.46$

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Description for HUAWEI Band 4 Pro Oximeter
Main Features:
Full Touchscreen, Full of Fun
Support full-screen touch, 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen, full color display, clear contrast, bring a pleasing visual experience. The HOME button returns with one click, the operation is smooth and easy to use..
Rich Dial Selection
Provide more than 100 colorful dials to express your mood with personalities such as two-dimensional, movie theme or minimalist style..
Intelligent Heart Rhythm Detection, Independent Heart Health Management
Arrhythmias are fleeting and require long-term continuous monitoring. HUAWEI Band 4 Pro high-performance heart rate sensor finely identifies arrhythmias, provides personalized guidance, appointments, and integrated management services..
Scientific Analysis of Sleep Conditions to Help You Fall Asleep
Use HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology to record the complete sleep structure, identify the six major sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, easy to wake at night, multiple dreams, early wake up, irregular work and rest), provide targeted suggestions and services to help you improve sleep quality..
Independent GPS, Record Your Movement Track
HUAWEI Band 4 Pro is equipped with an independent GPS, which can record your movement track in real time without a mobile phone, and feedback data such as movement distance and pace to help you master every performance..
11 Sport Modes
Support 11 sports modes, practice with you indoors and outdoors, based on TruSeen 3.5 real-time heart rate detection and AI algorithm analysis, real-time presentation of relevant data..
Professional Sports Data, Let You Understand Exercise More
HUAWEI Band 4 Pro combines the Firstbeat scientific algorithm to provide more professional sports data, sports guidance and advice to make sports more effective..
Efficient Traffic, Just Touch The Bracelet
Support NFC function, turn the bus card and access control card into a quick pass in the bracelet. Take the bus and subway, no entry and exit, no need to rummage cards, just swipe..
Smart Life, within Reach
Smart reminder, wrist-up operation: SMS, incoming call, alarm clock, timely reminder, important information is not missed. There are also many intimate small functions such as offline payment, music playback, sedentary reminder, and bracelet to find a mobile phone, which can increase the burden of life.

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