Imosi CK29 Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Health Sports Smartwatch

Imosi CK29 Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Health Sports Smartwatch

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Description for Imosi CK29 Smart Watch Heart
Main Features:
Play music
The Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone/watch can control the music playback function of the mobile phone; switch up and down, pause/play; convenient and quick, free to operate, and listen to the sound of nature at will.
All-weather body temperature Sync APP
Accurate measurement, high accuracy, body temperature data history can be checked. All-day body temperature curve data is synchronized to APP data in real time.
Abnormal temperature alarm
When the measured body temperature value is abnormal, the watch will send an abnormal temperature alarm; if the body temperature is higher than 37.3℃, the watch will send an orange warning, and if the body temperature is higher than 38.5℃, the watch will send a red warning to protect your health..
All in one Excellent design Interpretive aesthetics
1.28-inch full-circle touch screen, the case is integrated by multi-channel CNC, tempered glass mirror design, high transparency, wear resistance and scratch resistance, clearer vision and smoother touch.
Scientific sleep monitoring, record all night sleep data
Regularly monitor sleep quality for analysis, accurately identify sleep problems, and provide personalized sleep monitoring and analysis ( deep sleep/light sleep/waking, etc. ) to help you improve sleep quality and get a good night's sleep..
Stylish and cool dial, switch as you like
A variety of fashionable themed dials to meet diverse aesthetics. Different occasions, different moods, match as you like .
Intelligent motion analysis
Regularly detect your exercise status, record your exercise track, exercise steps, exercise distance, exercise calories, and analyze it to make your exercise healthier..
Timing measurement blood pressure, master health
Put on the watch and enter the blood pressure measurement interface, you can understand the blood pressure status of the body, intelligently monitor and evaluate the blood pressure status, understand the blood pressure status of the body in time, and grasp the blood pressure data changes..
24-hour heart rate monitoring, keep healthy all day
Imported optical heart rate sensor combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm. Fast and accurate, protect your physical and mental health..
IP67 waterproof
IP67 waterproof design, suitable for daily life waterproof. Wash your hands, get in the rain, etc. without taking off your watch. Meet all daily waterproof needs.
Bluetooth voice call
The mobile phone and watch keep the bluetooth connection status, and the incoming call from the mobile phone is pushed to the watch in time, and you can communicate on the phone by raising your hand, freeing your hands and making life/work communication more convenient..
Multiple sport modes
Support yoga, elliptical trainer, mountaineering, swimming, running, and walking modes; more accurate detection data, data synchronization APP display, and support for historical data intelligent analysis, scientifically improve the exercise effect

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