Gamepad Charger Stand Base 2X Controller Charging Station for PS4

Gamepad Charger Stand Base 2X Controller Charging Station for PS4

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Description for Gamepad Charger Stand Base 2X
A 2X conductive charger for the PS4. Features blue and green LED indicators for charge status. Has matte and glossy black details. This sleek design matches the new console perfectly!.
Main Features:
With blue light, power off automatically after fully charged, protect handle
Officially licensed by Energizer
Charges 2 PS4 controllers simultaneously
Sleek and compact design
Easy controller installation in secure cradles
Quick charging with AC adapter (not included).
Instructions for Use:
1. Insert the USB plug of the charging cable configured in the product into the PS4 host, or into the USB socket of the computer and other standard DC5V power adapters, the MICRO male plug of the charging cable is inserted into the MICRO female socket of the product charging base, and begin to give its products powered by.
2. Install the PS4 handle upside down on the product, so that the MICRO interface is inserted into the product's charging slot in the correct way to charge it, and it can also charge two PS4 handles at the same time. The charging status of the handle indicator light can be mapped in the charging groove of the product. When the charging light of the handle is displayed, it indicates that the product is charging the battery pack.
3. When charging the PS4 controller, the indicator light of the charger is blue. The PS4 controller can control the charging status by itself. The battery will be automatically charged when the battery is full. It will automatically power off after being fully charged to protect the handle.

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